10 Affordable and Stylish Brands I Love

In fashion there is a stigma that the dearer the brand, the more stylish it is, but unfortunately many can not afford the more luxury brands. Don’t listen to that stigma! Here is a list of 10 stylish brands that are affordable and I love to shop at.

Sometimes shopping at more affordable brands can mean less quality and its true; you can get hits or misses but I shop at these brands for all of my clothes and can’t truly complain about the quality of any of them. They wear well, are cheap, and stylish with the latest trends coming in just as quickly as any other fashion brands.

Take a look at my favourite stylish and affordable fashion brands below.


Prices vary from $1.50 to $39

First I would like to say, if you live in Australia and are not addicted to Kmart shopping are you sure? Through uni and living away from home, Kmart was my go-to shop for anything I needed. It’s cheap and trendy; you kind of go in not knowing if you’ll only buy one thing or one of everything!

The fashion at Kmart is stylish and affordable. I mainly shop there for basics such as underwear, tees and such but they also have some on trend clothes, I’ve heard their jeans are super comfortable and only $20! What more could you want?!


Prices go to $130 for a coat and knits

I love the style Show has to offer, it’s exactly the styles I like to wear and they’re quite affordable. I mainly get dresses and skirts from them and haven’t had anything to complain about thus far. They’re sizes are quite accurate and they don’t look cheap like some clothing websites. There are a few other sites similar to show you can check out; missguided and prettylittlething. And even better; shopping through them is supporting an Australian owned and founded company!

Cotton On

Prices go to $90 for a jacket

I think most people in Australia have shopped at Cotton On at least once. They are cheap and stylish and sometimes have really cute things. They also own Rubi Shoes, Typo and Cotton On Body, all stores that offer really stylish and cute items. It’s even better when you find a large Cotton On that has items from the other sub-brands within the store (Side Note: I found cute AF suitcase bundles on their website when researching for this!!). I love Cotton On and I love the shoes at Rubi Shoes! They are comfortable and last ages! Sometimes the items at Cotton On may not be the best quality but you get you’re moneys worth.


Prices go up to $130 for a faux fur coat

Dotti is also a great affordable brand in Aus. They are pretty on top of the latest trends and have really nice and affordable dresses. My sister got a dress for under $50 for a wedding and it looked gorgeous! They offer great clothes but can sometimes be aimed at a bit of a younger audience. It can be a bit of a hit or miss store, though I love their sunnies and got the cutest pink velvet scrunchy when I was there last!


Prices go to $70 for a Parka Jacket

ValleyGirl is really cheap! I bought a cropped sweatshirt with embroidered flowers for only $20 and it is so comfortable! Sometimes their sizing can be a bit weird; like the cropped sweatshirt I got a small but that was huge and then the size x-small is still huge on me but another top I have of theirs is a medium. So I would definitely recommend trying their stuff on before buying or before you take the tags off at home.


Prices go to $130 for a coat

I’ve only really shopped at Glassons once or twice but the clothes I got from there are some of my favourites. Some of their items may seem not so affordable but others are super affordable. Or if you want even cheaper, they have outlet centres in some DFOs!



If you haven’t heard of Boohoo I’m not sure why; so many people shop on it and they have adds all of social media and TV! They’re pretty well known. They have a HUGE range of clothes that can be tiring to go through it all but if you know what you want its pretty easy to shop on Boohoo. I have gotten a day dress from them that was a little thin but it’s still wearable just needs a jacket if its cool out.


Prices vary from $8 for a skirt to $200+ for their premium range

When H&M first came to Melbourne there were lines to go in for months and even now there is always so many people in there! I would recommend that if you see something you like, grab it then and there! If you wait a week or even a few days it will probably be gone. Everything changes so often and sometimes there are some really odd fashion items in there. They also offer a great clothing recycling program that you should definitely look into if you are getting rid of old clothes!


Prices vary depending on brands

ASOS is pretty big in multiple countries. They offer speedy delivery times and so many different brands and styles. Sometimes it’s hard to look through all the different things they have on offer but some of their clothes are quite affordable and you can look at them from the comfort of you’re bed and get them delivered to your house; you don’t even have to leave home!


Prices vary from $3 to $59

Target is a similar shop to Kmart here in Aus but I think more stylish. They have a sub-brand with Dannii Minogue that I, personally, think is their best line. If you are a petite build and under 5’3” it’s amazing! Jeans that you don’t have to fold up or cut the bottoms off of!

Along with my top 10 affordable brands I also love shopping at two others. These brands would be considered mid-cost fashion brands but their clothes are stylish and when I can I like to get timeless pieces from them.

Forever New

Prices vary from $25 for a cami to $300+ for items such as beaded gowns and leather jackets

For a few years Forever New was my all time favourite shop. It offered the more classic styles that I like to wear and wasn’t too badly priced. Everyone would buy gift vouchers for me as gifts and I have a few of their coats. I’m not 100% sure but I think their prices have gone up a bit. Though they still offer stylish clothes that are classics and can be worn for a few years without them going out of fashion.


$15 for a cami to $190 for a jacket

Sportsgirl is a very well known brand in Aus, they offer the latest trends to high school and university students, they’re items are sometimes pricey if you are used to shopping at some of the other brands listed though.

What did you guys think? Are their other brands or websites that are stylish and affordable that you love to shop at? I’d love to hear about them!

Love always,
Paige Lillian xx


(Images are from the brands’ instagrams and websites)

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