Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore Review

Hi lovelies!

I’m sure by now most of you will have heard about Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic range; Flower Beauty, it’s set to ‘empower women through highlighting individual beauty’ and has recently launched in Australia! The range is ‘luxurious’ and made of the best quality, all at an affordable price and cruelty free. The page states that ‘FLOWER empowers women by developing products that help you look and feel great in your Own skin, and to embrace your individual beauty with the support of inspired, luxurious products made with you in mind’.

With the entice of a quality product, a promise of a luxurious feel and all at really great prices (between $4 and $14) then why wouldn’t you want to try it out?! I was definitely intrigued and went and got a few of their products to see how it was. So, here it is; my review of Flower Beauty.



Flower Primer

This primer is honestly one of my favourites! I’ve found it hard to find a primer that is lightweight and doesn’t feel like silicon and this primer is all that! It leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooths the skin really well. It helps foundation glide on easily and evenly and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. I also tested it with my usually foundation and it was so nice! My make-up didn’t move all day.

            -Soft and weightless

            -Non greasy

            -Leaves skin feeling smooth

            -Helps foundation go on evenly and smoothly



If you want a natural looking foundation with a dewy finish, then this is the ultimate foundation for you! It feels so light on the skin and looks super natural with covering any redness in the skin and giving an even colour to the skin. It gives a really nice healthy glow. However, the colour range is not great, I’m not that tan at the moment but I’m not overly pale either yet I’m the 2nd lightest shade! So, just be weary and make sure to test it in store!


            -Natural glow

            -Dewy finish with a light coverage

            -Colour range isn’t great



I didn’t buy the concealer. I would have loved to, since I don’t have a favourite one, but the lightest shade was too dark. I like a lighter shade than my foundation for concealer, but it was probably the same shade as the foundation I got, which means it would have been too dark for anyone using the shade lighter than mine. The range is minimal and doesn’t even match the foundation shades. \

            -Lightest colour was too dark

            -Minimal colour range



There are a few options when coming to powder. I however didn’t purchase any. I only just bought a new one of the brands I always use and thought it would be a waste of money if I went and got ANOTHER face powder.


Brows: Draw The Line Eyebrow Pencil Brunette $7.99

This brow pencil is really easy to use! It is really smooth and creamy and draws on easily. I’m not a fan of the shade I got, it is too much of a warm tone but that could just be that I got the wrong shade. There are only three shades, so if you have really dark brows, maybe not the best.

            -Quite pigmented

            -Light and easy to use

            -Warm toned



This is quite easy to use and long lasting. I wouldn’t say there are really many comments for it.

            -Long lasting

            -Easy to use


Blush: FLOWER POTS POWDER BLUSH in wild rose $13.99

LOVE THIS! It is really pretty and super pigmented! I would definitely go in with a light hand, but the colour is gorgeous! 

            -Gorgeous colour

            -Super pigmented

            -Long lasting



I didn’t purchase any of the Flower Beauty highlighters. The colours looked really pretty in store but I’m not really into highlighter and already have one highlighting palette which is plenty for me!



An amazing mascara that looks like false eyelashes. I really liked this mascara, it wasn’t clumpy, the brush/wand isn’t my favourite. It didn’t start to go onto my skin from my lower lashes like some mascaras do by the end of the day.  

            -Really nice

            -Gives the look of longer lashes

            -Didn’t clump

            -Didn’t start to come off on lower lashes



The colours were REALLY nice but I didn’t buy any. The same with highlighter; I don’t tend to wear lipstick, lipliner or anything other then lip balm unless I’ve got an event on, so I didn’t see the need to buy any of the products. But they did look nice and when I need lipstick I will definitely look at Flower Beauty lipsticks!



Flower Setting Spray

I love this setting spray! My make-up lasted all day, and didn’t even wear off in places that it usually does. It’s a really nice mist that is really light (the only setting sprays I’ve used have been like full on sprays whereas this is a nice mist). I also used the setting spray with my usual make-up and it was amazing! My make-up stayed in place all day, wore so well. It didn’t even crease in my smile lines like it normally does, the only place my make-up moved after 13 hours of wear was under my glasses but that’s normal.


            -Super light

            -Nice mist

            -Lasts all day



Hits: Primer, Blush, Mascara, Setting Spray

Misses: Foundation, Concealer, Brow pencil

Overall, I quite liked the Flower Beauty range. I’m more into full coverage whereas the whole range is set around ‘look[ing] and feel[ing] great in your Own skin’ so more natural, healthy glow and all that. I might use the foundation when running errands but in all it isn’t for me. The primer, setting spray and blush are by far my favourite products from the range and I will keep using them ALL the time!

I didn’t think the shade range for any of their products really were that great. I think in an industry that lately has grown so much to include EVERYBODY and every colour (such as ColourPop having 42 colours in foundation and Australis having ‘Liquid Elixirs’ to make your own shade of foundation) there really isn’t any excuse NOT to have a broad range of shades. And not really any reason to not have a range of concealer shades either.

Full face.JPG

So, I guess it really depends on what you are after for your make-up. If you want a natural look, go for Flower Beauty. For full coverage I’d go with someone else. But when it comes to what they promised on their website; a luxurious, high quality product at affordable prices, Flower Beauty definitely delivered! The products all went on really nicely, felt light and smooth and all lasted ALL DAY!


Have any of you tried Flower Beauty’s range? What did you think of it?


Love always,

Paige Lillian xx

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