Staying Tan with Bondi Sands Aero

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Bondi Sands Aero

Today I tried out the latest product from my favourite self-tanning brand; Bondi Sands! Last weekend, Bondi Sands released a new self-tanning foam called Aero and honestly, it is amazing! And even better Bondi Sands is cruelty free!

Bondi Sands is the only self-tanning brand I have ever really liked using, I’ve never reacted to any of their products. I have always used their Self-Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark during spring and summer and their gradual tanning milk all year round. I’ve found their products are quite easy to use without getting streaks, or an uneven tan.

I’m not a BIG self-tanner, I always use gradual tanner as a body lotion so normally have a soft tan and I naturally tan a bit during summer. I normally only use self-tanner before events or a few times each season. But the ease, and the fact that Aero dries almost instantly means I think I’ll be rocking a tan year-round!  



I found it even easier to use than any of their other products, it was super quick to blend out smoothly.


It is an instant tan! If you want a nice dark tan quickly and easily go for Bondi Sands Aero.

Dry time:

It dried super quickly! As in, within minutes it was dry to touch without any product transfer. By the time I brushed my hair and put the product away, my tan was completely dry. My skin feels smooth, soft and like nothing at all was on it.


I followed the instructions on the back by leaving it on for more than 6 hours, after a shower the tan looks really natural, though not as dark as before my shower when the tanner was still on. I don’t know if the longer you leave it the more it sets into your skin or if it isn’t meant to stay really dark. Either way, my skin is definitely darker but not as dark as I had hoped after a shower. In saying that, it could also be because I didn’t re-apply 30 minutes after first application like suggested, I wanted to see the initial result after only 1 layer but next time I think I will go for 2 layers.


Bondi Sands


This is by far my new favourite self-tanner. It is so quick and easy to use; it only took about 10 minutes to get a completely streak free tan! I didn’t end up with marks near my wrists or any other places sometimes tanner can stick to. You could easily do your tan in the morning before getting ready for the day; it would be dry before you’re even ready to get dressed. My skin feels quite hydrated which is just an added bonus and there’s no lingering strong scent like some tanner can leave; just a light coconut smell. I really like Bondi Sands Aero self-tanning foam. It is really the best self-tanner I have ever used! It’s so light you can’t even feel it on your skin, it goes on smoothly and easily without streaks and dries instantly. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting a natural looking dark tan to go and buy Bondi Sands Aero!


Let me know if you try Bondi Sands latest product; Aero and what you think of it!


Love always,

Paige Lillian xx



(Disclaimer: This is 100% my opinion, I purchased the products myself. Though this product worked for me, I always recommend doing a patch test first, to make sure it works for you too)

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