14 Cruelty Free Hair Care Brands Australia

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When you’re looking for cruelty free hair care, shampoo and conditioner it can be quite difficult to distinguish which ones are and aren’t cruelty free. There are so many different hair care brands and products but sometimes we don’t have time to check to see which ones are cruelty free. So, I’ve made a list of 14 shampoo and conditioner brands that you can get from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse that are most definitely cruelty free!



Price: $14.50 - $27

Range: colour protect, gentle wash, purifying, moisturising, daily shine

Other: Dry shampoo available, leave in conditioner available



Price: $27

Range: Moisturising, volumising

Other: Minis available $6 each 


Australian Native Botanicals

Price: $20

Range: Volumising 



 Price: $16

Range: gentle wash, hydrating, keratin smoothing, nourishing, colour protect, volumising

Other: Mini due pack $8, leave in conditioner and hair masks available



Price $25

Range: all are shampoo and conditioner bars to help reduce waste 



Price $15

Range: blonde care, keratin smoothing, repairing, moisturising, thickening, nourishing, purifying

Other: dry shampoo, leave in conditioner and hair masks available

herbal essence.jpg

Herbal Essence

            Herbal Essence was awarded crulty free status by PETA year. They have also stated that they are working with PETA International Science Consortium to develop new ways to test products without testing on animals and though they sell products in China, that are working ‘within Chinese regulations to avoid testing on animals’. (raisevegan.com)

 Price: $5.50-$9.50

Range: strengthening, nourishing, volumising, naked clean, hydrating, repairing, lightweight shine, smoothing


Kristin Ess

Price: $22

Range: blonde/purple, moisturising and shine everyday

Other: dry shampoo and hair masks available


Maui Moisture

Price:  $20

Range: Heal and hydrate, strength and anti-break, curl quench, thicken and restore, nourish and moisture

Other: Hair masks available



Price: $15

Range: moisture boost, volumising, clarifying, curl defining, scalp soothing, hydrate and shine, colour protect, blonde enhancing 



Price: $20

Range:  healing, re-hydrate



Price: $25

Range: daily hydrate, intense hydrate, curl and shine, strengthen, grow and restore

Other: Leave in conditioner available



 Price: $15

Range: hydrating, volumising, natural balance, oil balance

Umberto Giannini.jpeg

Umberto Giannini

 Price: $15

Range: volumising, moisturising, curl enhancing

Other: Dry shampoo available

If you’ve had trouble finding what shampoos and conditioners are cruelty free and available easily in Australia. Then here you go! There are a few others that are cruelty free but not super available in all stores. I hope this list helps you to shop cruelty free and avoid products that are tested on animals!

 What’s your favourite cruelty free hair care brand/product?

Love always,

Paige Lillian xx

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