My Affordable and Cruelty Free Skin Care Routine - Part 1

Hi lovelies,

In my experience, finding skin care that is cruelty free and good for sensitive skin without costing a fortune can be difficult, so today I wish to share with you my skin care routine. This routine has taken a lot of trial and error, my skin is very sensitive and it takes quite a while to find something that I won’t react to, which made it super difficult to switch to cruelty free and having to try all new products. But hopefully this will help some of you skip the trial and error of finding good skin care products.

Basically, my dermatologist has said that my skin dries out a lot quicker than the average person, so many of the products are moisturising and replenishing to help keep my skin from going dry. He also has recommended me staying away from soap-based products and go with products that are as natural as possible. Doing this allows those of us with sensitive skin to minimise the chemicals and ingredients that do touch our skin and therefore, hopefully, minimising reactions and break outs.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of brand options when you want natural, affordable, cruelty free and ok for people with sensitive skin, but these brands all are; for me at least. I’d recommend going into store, testing a patch on your skin, and then coming back after 2 days if you don’t react then the product should be fine, but if you react stay away from the product and possibly most of that brand just to be safe! Eczema sucks so wherever you can avoid it, do so!

Without further ado here is my morning skin care routine.

 Morning Routine:


I always wash, tone and moisturise my face before I apply any make-up.

When I get up my face is usually a bit oily, so before applying anything I wash my face with just warm water on a face washer. This wakes me up and cleans any access oil off without adding products to my skin as well as giving me a gentle exfoliation.


I then go on to pat a small amount of toner on, just to make sure there isn’t any leftover dirt or anything on my skin. I use The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner, it’s gentle and calms any redness from my skin

Eye Cream:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

 Facial Moisturiser:

Like I said, my skin dries out easily and can cause more eczema, so moisturising is a must. I opt for Glow Lab Facial Moisturiser. Glow Lab is dermatologically tested, paraben, sulphate, and silicone free, making it natural, soft on the skin and completely cruelty free and vegan. I’ve only tried their facial moisturiser, but I plan to try their eye serum and other products when I run out of the products I already have.

 Lip Balm:

Just like hand lotion, I always carry lip balm. I like Sun Bum’s lip balms. They are quite cheap and have a couple of different scents you can get.


Body Wash:

I’m a shower at night person, but if I do a workout in the morning then I have a quick shower. So, some mornings I use body wash, others I don’t.  

I use Organic Care Vanilla Moisturising Body Wash.

 Body Lotion:

I always moisturise after a shower, water can also dry out your skin. I use Essano Rosehip Repairing Body Lotion. Similar to Glow Lab, Essano is all natural, doesn’t have anything harsh in their products, making it ideal for those of us with sensitive skin. They of course are also cruelty free.

 Hand Lotion:

I always carry hand lotion with me, my hands are where I have eczema most of the time regardless of what I touch or am doing, so lotion is important to keep it in check. Essano’s Rosehip Nourishing Hand Cream is super soft, light weight and is not greasy after applying making it perfect to use on the go. I also apply a generous amount when I’m getting ready in the morning.


Another thing I like to apply, usually a little while after I’ve moisturised so that the body lotion has had time to soak in, I then add sunscreen. I don’t like the greasy, heavy sunscreens that leave your skin kind of gross. Bondi Sands Beach Sunscreen is super smooth and light weight, so it barely even feels like you’re wearing anything, making it ideal for daily use.

There you have it, my long list of products I use to keep my skin hydrated and healthy every morning. All of these products are in-expensive, cruelty free and work well on my sensitive, eczema prone skin. I hope this can help some of you find products that work well for your skin. I used to use barely anything on my skin because I was scared that I would get eczema and break out from it, but once I found these brands that use mainly only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, it became less daunting and easier to get products that have really changed my skin.

Stay tuned for my part two; Night-time Skincare Routine. I use a few different products at night . And let me know what products you like to use, are they the same brands or different ones?


Love always,

Paige Lillian xx