Fashion Trends to Leave in the Past

Fashion is always changing; it changes so often that sometimes it’s hard to keep track. But these trends I’m not sure who thought were OK! Of course this is purely my own opinion and I’m all for wearing what makes you comfortable but honestly, I’d prefer never to see.


Just looking at them make me claustrophobic...

Starting off our list are chokers… I’m not entirely sure why everyone seems to love them, with almost every girl having one last year. I personally find having something wrapped around my neck claustrophobic and awkward! I even saw some people with multiple on at once… Why?? I don’t get it!


I wouldn't be caught dead with even my DAD wearing these!

Look back about 10 years maybe and most Dads had ugly, bulky sneakers… if your dad had them you may never want to see another pair again… well I’m sorry to tell you but they’re back. Apparently. And not just for dads. These sneakers are bulky and hideous and I honestly don’t understand; especially when paired with a fashion forward outfit and not exercise gear.


Zara; please explain!

Zara is known for changing their clothes every week and with a lot of styles comes a lot of misses. Take these for example. I don’t know what they are aiming for but I would never wear any of these styles…


As cosy as they look (apart from the weird collar zip going on in the first image) they just look like something to chuck over your pyjamas.

Now I have once or twice left the house wearing my dressing gown or bath robe.. it is pink and fluffy and when I’ve just crawled out of bed at 3 in the morning to pick my brother up from a night of drinking; I figure ‘what the hell, no one is going to see me, I’m not even getting out of the car’. But that is the only time I would wear a dressing gown out. So why is there a trend of coats, jackets and cardigans that look like dressing gowns? Yes, they are warm and comfortable but not quite for wearing over a nice pair of jeans with heels.


Not to make any uncomfortable.. but I think they forgot some lining.

For any of you who follow celebs outfits, you would have seen by now that some are quite comfortable with sheer fabrics or in some cases, no fabric over their breasts. This trend I can 100% say I do not want to see in public. Like I said, I am all for dressing to what you are comfortable in and being yourself but I just don’t understand the need to show off your nipples.


That 70s Show wants their clothes back!

Honestly, the 70’s fashion should really be left in the 70s. From corduroy pants, that lovely burnt orange colour to flared jeans and ugly jackets. These are not nice. Of course I will say that some of the trends inspired by the 70s are nice but some just shouldn’t have come back. We should have learnt from the past not copied it.


Honestly, just why??

Now we’ve come to a topic that could be a whole new post in itself.. Jeans. They are a classic fashion item that many designers alter but sometimes not in a good way. Firstly, we have ripped jeans, that are so ripped, they’re not really jeans anymore. Yes, there most certainly is too far when it comes to ripping your jeans.

They're barely even pants anymore.

Then we have the different types of cut outs on jeans.. from at the hip, practically the entire legs, to the lower back and then just the whole back all together..

Not one of these styles look comfortable.

And then we have Topshop making their own rules, like making clear jeans or putting a tulle skirt over the top.

Have you seen how plastic shoes go when your feet get a little sweaty? Well imaging those pants..

Just take a look at these wonderful jeans, as you will see, some barely even need words…

Like what is even the point of wearing pants in the first image??
Flash back to Clueless and the 90s where guys wore their pants around their knees... It was wrong then but this is just even worse!!

Ugly trends come and go, there are plenty of others I could have listed but it would have gone on forever. But fashion is subjective so what I would prefer never to see again may be what others love. just do you and don’t worry what others think.

Love always,

Paige Lillian xx

(Images are not my own)