Ethical Can be Affordable and Stylish

Do you want to shop ethically but always thought it would cost a fortune or be a little boring? Well check out these brands that are not only ETHICAL but also AFFORDABLE and STYLISH!

To me ethical fashion doesn’t necessarily mean only sourcing and manufacturing locally. Sure, there is always a benefit to supporting your local suppliers but a brand can source internationally and still be ethical, I think ethical is more about making sure everyone who is a part of making your garment, from thread to garment to the sale of the garment, has a voice that is heard and has a safe environment to work in. If a brand can ensure the safety and rights of their workers are being met then I view them as an ethical brand.

One report I look to each year for how ethical a brand is, according to their workers’ rights in the Baptist World Aid Australia ‘Truth Behind the Barcode’ fashion report. This report gives a grade (from A to F) as an average of how each brand scored in 4 categories; policies, transparency and traceability, auditing and supplier relationship and worker empowerment, all contributing the ‘strength of their systems to mitigate against risks of forced labour, child labour and exploitation in their supply chain’. Basically, grading a brands based on how their systems look out for their workers through every step of the supply chain.

Here are some of the brands that are affordable, stylish and graded well according to the Baptist World Aid report;


Cotton On

As mentioned in my previous post; I love Cotton On, it is cheap and stylish, and even better, it has an A grade! Cotton On likes to give back and is transparent in their supply chain.



This one surprised me! I didn't realise how ethical H&M are but they achieved a B+ grade.


I love when I find good brands and then find out that they are ethical! Glassons got B+!

Kmart Australia

As you would know, many Australians love Kmart! And now we can all feel good about buying clothes from them with their B+ grade.


Target Australia

Target scored a nice B grade.



Affordable and stylish! Dotti scored a C+.


Topshop sometimes isn’t the most affordable, it’s really give or take but if you love their clothes then you will be happy to know they scored a C+ grade!

Miss Selfridge

I’m not sure how many Australians realise that Miss Selfridge is available in Aus but you can shop the brand at theiconic, gluestore or ASOS. I haven’t bought anything of theirs but they look nice, are affordable and rated higher than average with a C+ grade!


The following brands are more of a medium price range but I love them and they graded well in the Baptist World Aid report.



I absolutely love the style at Kookai although it is not the most affordable brand. They are going well with their transparency and workers’ rights with a B- grade.

Forever New

I’ve mentioned Forever New in a previous post and I love knowing that they also are doing well with a B- grade.



Some of Sportsgirl’s clothes are quite affordable and others can be a bit higher but they are stylish and on top of trends. They got a C+.


What do you think of these brands? I like to look at any with grades higher than a C!

Are there any other brands that you find affordable and stylish that are ethical?

Love always,

Paige Lillian xx


For more information on the Baptist World Aid report and to see how other brands are going with check out the ‘Behind the Barcode’ report here!
(Images are from brand websites)