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We hear all the time of big brands making a difference and doing what they can to help improve lives of their workers and people in need but we don’t hear much of the affordable brands doing the same. In this series I want to give credit and enlighten you on brands that are doing what they can to give back. These brands have started charities, donate and sometimes assist in building infrastructure in countries in need and deserve to be recognised!

My first brand is Cotton On. For those of you in Australia and New Zealand I’m sure you are very aware of Cotton On and their sub-brands; Cotton On Body, Suprè, Factorie, Rubi Shoes and Typo. And you might be aware of the products they keep at the counter that gives to their charity but I’m not sure you will fully be aware of what their charity does.

Cotton On Foundation is working towards their mission to develop 20,000 educational places by 2020.

With 100% of proceeds from their water bottles, tote bags, mints and tissues and other charity products going towards their mission.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.04.44 pmEducation

They create opportunities for children through education by providing teacher training, student leadership and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy programs and school leadership and management support.


Cotton On Foundation also looks to provide better healthcare to people in need by giving to health centres in central villages, targeting preventable diseases and health education.


The foundation looks to providing a better future for those they are helping by community engagement, assisting with adult literacy, providing food security and helping school be sustainable.


As well as helping provide education for children in Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia, Cotton On Foundation helps build the schools and believes providing an inspiring learning environment they can further help children learn. They help provide teacher accommodation, clean drinking water, toilets, hygienic cooking spaces and inspiring learning and play spaces.

Cotton On Foundation focuses on providing education for children in areas where education may not have been an option and in doing this help these areas have a better future. They look at the bigger picture of providing education, and giving a new life to the areas they are helping.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.04.32 pmTo know that 100% of their proceeds from their small product line goes towards these benefits I won't hesitate towards purchasing any of them in next time I’m in store. They also usually have small fabric bracelets or hair ties that you can purchase.

Today, their mission of empowering youth through quality education is working wonders, they are improving lives across all of their projects on a day-to-day basis.

If you want more information on Cotton On Foundation or want to donate you can take a look here.

Water Bottles

I love knowing that brands that I shop with are giving back in such huge ways, and knowing that by simply purchasing a bottle of water for $2 in store instead of at a vending-machine for a similar price helps children receive the educations and health care they deserve.

If you know of any affordable brands giving back or want me to do a piece on any brands, leave a comment or message me via the contact page! I’d love to hear your feedback or of any other brands!

Love always,
Paige Lillian xx