12 affordable AND ethical brands to shop at for your new athleisure wear


Activewear or Athleisure wear are becoming more and more popular and becoming staples in many of our wardrobes. We wear it while doing chores, running errands, travelling and on occasion we actually wear it for what it’s made for; exercise. But, as with every trend; once it takes over, everywhere sells it and it’s quite hard to not get lost in all the options. Well I am hereto narrow down your list to a few brands that are ethical; according to their transparency and worker treatment, and, in my opinion; they’re stylish and affordable!

If you want stylish, not too expensive and ETHICALLY supplied activewear then look no further! I have done some research and providing you with my list of activewear brands that are all three!

6 brands under $100 for leggings and crop outfit



You all know I love Kmart! Well I also love their activewear!



Affordable and colourful

Cotton On

Cotton On

I can not get enough of Cotton On’s activewear! They’re leggings, shorts and crops and super comfortable and come in a range of colours!



I have only heard good things from friends about H&M’s activewear



Bonds are my go to brands for comfortable socks and now looking at their range of activewear I can't wait to try them out

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective

The amount of colour options is unreal!

But what is even better about Girlfriend Collective is that their leggings and crops are 100% recycled plastic making them ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE! AND they ship to Australia!!

6 brands under $160 for leggings and crop outfit


Fabletics 2

I’m sure many of you will have heard about them! And seriously, who doesn’t want to look like Demi Lovato while wherein active wear! The only thing I’m not sure on, is that you have to sign up to be a member and I don’t know if that costs. This outfit was only $80 but the rest were more when I checked.


Naja 2

Naja is a really great brand to look at if you are interested in brands that empower women and look at supporting women throughout their supply chain. They also seek to make their lingerie, sportswear and swimwear sustainable and use recycled plastic in their fabrics.



Want 100% organic bamboo leggings? Well Boody can supply them. They are sustainable and really look at being environmentally friendly through every aspect of their supply chain. And even better - they’re an AUSTRALIAN company!



I mean, who doesn’t want a sustainable brands supplying their wardrobe staples?!

Black Milk Active


I was unsure whether to put this brand on the list; they aren’t the cheapest but my sister LOVES them, they're ethical and some of their stuff is very playful.

Pink Punk

Pink Punk 2

I just had to put this brand on here! I just came across it and haven’t bought any of their clothes but they are a small Australian company and all of their clothes are AUSTRALIAN MADE! So, here's to supporting local brands!

I love wearing my activewear; it’s comfortable, easy to chuck on and just go and wearing it actually motivates me to move around and get a lot more done in my day; including motivates me to do a workout or some yoga! But activewear can be so expensive and you never really know with cheaper brands about how well the workers making the clothes are treated. But these brands are ethical and support their workers through every aspect of making their garments and getting them to you, so don't be wary of shopping with them!

There are so many brands with athleisure wear now and some really aren’t cheap but there’s a bias around more affordable fashion that says that they are not ethical. This can make it hard to really find a brand that you can afford and still hit your values of shopping ethically.

This bias is not true. If a brand treats all workers right and ensure that every worker that touches any of their garments’ properties across every aspect of the supply chain have rights and are treated fairly and are safe in their work places then I view them as an ethical brands. And so does Baptist World Aid, whenever I mention a brand and say that they are ethical I am going by their Behind the Barcode report I mentioned in one of my previous posts; if you would like to view this report for yourself you can at https://baptistworldaid.org.au/resources/2018-ethical-fashion-guide/.

If there are any brands that you love and are ethical and affordable, leave a comment and let me know! Or message me on the contacts page! I love hearing from you and love learning about more brands I can explore!

Love always,
Paige Lillian xx