Brands Making a Difference - Sportsgirl

We hear all the time of big brands making a difference and doing what they can to help improve lives of their workers and people in need but we don’t hear much of the affordable doing the same. In this series I want to give credit and enlighten you on brands that are doing what they can to give back. These brands have started charities, donate and sometimes assist in building infrastructure in countries in need and deserve to be recognised!

Sportsgirl x Butterfly Foundation

Sportsgirl donates and sells products in partnership with The Butterfly Foundation. They have raised over $3 million which helps The Butterfly Foundation support more than 100,000 Australian’s with eating disorders or negative body image issues.

Sportsgirl is committed to promoting positive body image and bringing ‘hope and help to those affected by eating disorders’. In doing this they look at all aspects of selling their products.

Team Member Support

They ensure their staff are healthy in both ‘body and mind’ and have good self esteem. They have training sessions with managers to help them address if an employee has negative body image issues and how to help them.

Sizing and Selling

They stock sizes 6-16, reflecting what their customers are wanting and engage in conversations with their customers to do with styles, their products and body image. They promote healthy body image.

Advertising and Promotion

Sportsgirl make sure to use models that are healthy and not underweight, they look for models that are size 8-10 as this is the average sizing of their customers.

Community Support

Sportsgirl actively promotes and supports positive body image and start the conversation about healthy body images with their customers and community. To do this they help raise money to enable The Butterfly Foundation to take action.


With the money Sportsgirl has raised they have been able to fund a refurbishment of Butterfly House; a home for Child and Adolescent Day Program for Eating Disorders. They have also assisted in the establishment of other help centres providing support and help to those with eating disorders and negative body image issues.

Personally I commemorate Sportsgirl for showing this initiative, thank-fully many other brands also make sure models are healthy looking and we have steered away from seeing anorexic looking models in our media. I think too often we look at magazines and social media and compare ourselves to others. With Sportsgirl committing to promoting healthy body image and raising awareness for The Butterfly Foundation, they can assist in getting help for those who need it. And help give those who are suffering a foundation for help and let them know that they are not alone.

To help support The Butterfly Foundation you can purchase any of the product line Sportsgirl sells to raise money for the foundation here

If you would like more information on The Butterfly Foundation or Sportsgirl’s partnership with them you can find it at The Butterfly Foundation and Sportsgirl's website.   

If you know of any affordable brands giving back or want me to do a piece on any brands, leave a comment or message me via the contact page! I’d love to hear your feedback or of any other brands!

Love always,
Paige Lillian xx