Starting an Ethically Sourced Wardrobe Doesn’t Mean Starting From Scratch


Personally, I have always wanted to shop ethically but thought it would be too expensive and out of my price range but I now know this isn’t true and am trying to change my habits; not only just in fashion but also cruelty free beauty products.

Starting out an ethically sourced wardrobe might seem difficult and you may think that you should get rid of any of your clothes that aren’t listed as an ethically sourced brand. I have recently decided to try my best at buying ethically in as much shopping as possible, I’ve researched brands I can shop with and know what stores I will stop shopping at but I’m not going to throw out anything I already own.

I won’t be throwing out anything that I won't buy again because I don’t think there’s a point to it. I will get my use out of what I’ve already bought and really I’ve already bought them; throwing it away won't help change the way the brand operates since they've already made money off the product. I also think throwing them away just adds to waste and does no benefit. Instead I’ll keep wearing the clothes and keep them until I no longer wear them and will donate or until they are falling apart and can’t be fixed, then I’ll throw them away.

I think many of you can do the same, start making better decisions when shopping but just because you are changing your ways for better does not mean you should waste what you have already bought. Throwing things away that are still good to use will only add to waste and not help anything.

I can't wait to keep finding new ethical and cruelty free brands and start making better decisions when shopping and really hope this blog and the information I share can help you make the same decisions to change your shopping habits for the better.

Thank-you for following me on my journey to an ethical wardrobe and only shopping cruelty free brands. I really just wanted to write a quick post for you guys to know that you don’t have to start from scratch but instead build it up to our shopping and wardrobe goals.

Love always,
Paige Lillian xx