You guys all know that I always love sharing brands that are giving back and helping a good cause. Well I have recently become a brand ambassador for Bright Swimwear; a swimwear brand looking to help save the oceans through raising awareness about plastic pollution.

Bright Swimwear

Bright Swimwear want everyone to know and recognise what plastic waste is doing to our oceans (spoiler ~ plastic is killing them!!) and want to ‘change the way our generation thinks about plastic pollution’. To do this they have partnered with Plastic Ocean to help clean up our oceans and they donate 10% of their profits to Plastic Ocean. They also aim to start ‘Bright-Ups’ (clean ups) in 2019 across Europe.

I honestly think this is amazing! Plastic pollution is not only killing the oceans but our marine life, wildlife and our planet. According to Greenpeace about 10% of the world’s plastic use, an estimated over 8 million tonnes, ends up in our oceans every year. We all really need to stop and think about how we use plastic, where it ends up and what we could do to replace it with in order to stop the plastic we throw away ruining our beautiful planet!

Some ways we can all limit our plastic waste:

  • Stainless steel straws, they are re-usable, dishwasher safe and you can buy ones that collapse into a small container to hang on your keys or keep in your handbag so that you can say no to using plastic straws when you are out and about
  • Re-usable fabric bags (green bags) - most Australians are now having to use these due to Woolworths and Coles getting rid of single use bags (BTW they can take 10  to 1000 years to fully decompose) but you can use them everywhere, you can also get small fold-up ones to have in your handbag
  • I don’t like buying water bottles when I’m out (they can take over 450 years to decompose), instead I have my drink bottle that I take with me everywhere and always have in my car
  • Even just steering clear of plastic wrapped fresh produce or pre-cut fresh produce, usually they have so many layers of plastic film its ridiculous
  • Having re-usable containers instead of wrapping my food in plastic film or putting them in sandwich bags

All of these tips can help reduce the plastic we throw away, and may even save you a few dollars!

Other ways you can help is by telling friends and family about plastic pollution, raise everyones’ awareness, you can assist in ocean and beach clean-ups (there are so many different groups hosting them that I’m sure you will find some in your area) and keep your eye out for when Bright start their Bright-Ups next year so that you can pitch in. Every small change helps to stop plastic pollution from growing.

a-plastic-ocean.pngAnd if you want even more information on what plastic pollution is doing to the oceans, or want others to be aware you can watch Plastic Ocean’s film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ you can go to the website plastic to rent or buy, you can purchase it on iTunes with all proceeds going to Plastic Ocean.

You can also help by shopping at Bright Swimwear, they have quite nice bathers, and it always helps to know that your purchase is helping give towards a good cause - Plastic Ocean. You can use code ‘PGLLLN15’ for 15% off and help Bright Swimwear and Plastic Ocean save our oceans!

Love always,
Paige Lillian xx