Don’t Throw it Away! Fix It!

Hi lovelies,

Did you know that the fashion industry is almost the leading industry for waste, so before you think of just chucking your clothes that have a small stain, are stretched or have a hole in the bin, try fixing it!

Holes in your clothes

Luckily for you, holes in clothes are kind of in! So you could just rock it, maybe even cut a few extra holes to make it a look

Got a hole and don’t want to rock that look

Patch it up!

-Get a sample (ask for a free one) of as close a fabric as you can find, a stitching the same colour and do SMALL stitches from the back of the hole.

-You can also get iron on patches so you don’t even need to stitch it.

-Get a patch that is meant for decoration and add it as a statement


Baggy jeans that have lost a bit of shape

If you put them in a cold, woollen wash cycle of your washing machine, it can bring the denim back to original shape (to an extent)


Lost a button

Buttons are super simple to sew on, all you need is the button, some thread and a needle! Simple

But if you can’t find a matching button to the others, you could take the others off and replace them all with matching ones, or get a statement button, or have mix matched buttons


Broken Zip

Zips are quite cheap to get from your local fabric store, and then, if you’re handy with a machine, you could replace it yourself, get a friend to, or take in to a repair place, it shouldn’t be too expensive


Got a bleach stain on a black top

This one is super simple! Get a sharpie and colour it in!


Stretched clothes that WON’T go back to their original shape

You could wear it as a ‘round the house’ sort of thing, or chore, painting clothes, or PJs, or you could change it up a bit, tie a knot at the front or back, or; if you have a sewing machine handy reshape it completely

Pretty Little Thing
Pretty Little Thing

T-shirts that have NO shape, are thread bare and can’t be salvaged

You could re-use them as something else, I’ve heard they are great from your hair as a towel! You could also cut it into rags for around the house, saving you some money on buying rags


Those pesky makeup stains

Shaving foam and an old toothbrush for scrubbing (gently) apparently does the trick


Can’t fix it?

Donate it! There are places that re-use the fabric from your old clothes!

Do you have any other ideas for how to fix your clothes? Let me know in the comments section!

Love always,

Paige Lillian xx

(Images are from other websites and not my own)