Clean Up Your Wardrobe Without Throwing Anything Away!!

Hi lovelies,

I hope everyone is well! Today I’m here to let you know that there is a solution to decluttering your overflowing wardrobe without having to throw any of it away!

With fashion trends changing so frequently, our wardrobes seem to need to get bigger and bigger. If you're like me and don’t really like to part with your clothes; you know, just incase you need that top you haven’t worn in 3 years, then your wardrobe will probably be overflowing too. So much so that you probably don’e really know what’s in it. 

My winter wardrobe - about to be changed out for spring and summer!!!

My winter wardrobe - about to be changed out for spring and summer!!!

Well I’m here to tell you that there is a solution! You won’t need to get rid of anything but still have a pretty wardrobe that is neat decluttered and organised af!

The idea behind this is really planning your wardrobe according to seasons. And putting the clothes that aren’t in season away. So, since it’s winter here in Aus, my spring and summer clothes are away and my winter clothes are hanging in my wardrobe (with a few dresses that are just in case). This keeps everything organised, makes sure that your wardrobe isn’t about to burst and gives you a little extra room for new clothes. 

Where do you put your spring and summer clothes then, you might be wondering but it’s simple really. You can either get storage solutions to put on top of your wardrobe or for me, I have a bed with storage underneath so my clothes that are ‘away’ are still in reach.

My summer clothes in drawers organised under my bed 

My summer clothes in drawers organised under my bed 

Putting your seasonal clothes away when they aren’t in season can help de-clutter your entire wardrobe and maybe even your head. I find that if my room, and things are organised and neat then my head is (a little) more organised as well. And like I said, they’ll be more room in your wardrobe for more clothes! Anyone say shopping spree?! 

But really, this has helped me majorly get everything organised, it also means that each season I have to go through all my clothes to move it all around and influences me to get rid of clothes that I just will never wear again, but more on that later.

Love always, 

Paige Lillian xx